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Past Performances

YearPlaceTheme TitleCaptainCaptain PlaceTotal Points
20249TAILS Of The WILD FrontierShawn Blubaugh786.90
20238It’s Go TimeShawn Blubaugh687.55
20229A Wizard’s AwakeningShawn Blubaugh482.45
202012Something Wicked This Way MumsShawn Blubaugh776.90
201912Amen!Jeff Moyer1373.05
201812Calling All SuperheroesJeff Moyer1380.20
20179The Band, The Myth, The LegendJeff Moyer578.95
201612The ExperimentJeff Moyer877.65
201514Moonshine MountainHarry Bradley1373.65
201413Proud To Be A “Mum”-MericanHarry Bradley1370.05
201315G.K. Rides AgainMike Kavchok1367.45
20129Haunted HarmoniesKen White1278.40
201110The ROAR-ing 20’sJimmy Tatar, Jr.972.60
20108Empire Of The CzarJimmy Tatar, Jr.686.35
20097A Pirate’s Life For MeScott Moyer1286.10
200810Busted!Scott Moyer972.13
20079Open Sesame!Scott Moyer1077.63
20067Strings, Springs, And Wind-Up ThingsScott Moyer1076.50
20055Scarecrow’s ‘Doo-Dah’ FarmScott Moyer590.00
20045Hot Havana NightsScott Moyer288.13
20036Greater Kensington’s Adventure In PolynesiaScott Moyer283.00
20029With A Little Brit Of LuckScott Moyer1072.75
20012The Tribe With The VibeScott Moyer194.50
20005The Lilt Of The IrishScott Moyer686.38
199911Simply N’awlinsScott Moyer68.75
19983Greater K. Down South American WayScott Moyer391.63
19976Greater Kensington Is Scalin’ The AlpsScott Moyer688.15
19966Lights, Camera, ActionScott Moyer87.25
19959Let’s Tune-a FishScott Moyer884.15
19947Plane CrazyScott Moyer284.90
199310Who Do Voo-doo?Scott Moyer876.50
19929Rodeo Clown’d UpScott Moyer978.50
19916Yanks For The MummeryScott Moyer782.00
19906Pe-King In ChinaJoe Lippincott590.00
19893Bien CaribbeanScott Moyer394.25
19881Go For BaroqueJoe Lippincott297.30
198711Greater Kensington Flips Its LidJoe Lippincott681.75
19869Hobo BallBob Dicks1585.00
198513Toys MilitaireBob Dicks1673.25
19842The Swashbuckling ShowmenBob Dicks93.75
19834Just Clownin’ AroundBob Dicks388.00
198210Redskin RompRon Moyer488.00
19813And The Angels SingRon Moyer191.50
19804Veni, Vidi, ViciRon Moyer87.00
19791Oz OdysseyRon Moyer298.00
197811The Evolution Of DixielandRon Moyer383.85
197710VaudevilleRon Moyer379.80
19766State FairRon Moyer185.90
19752Let’s Face The Music And DanceRon Moyer393.25
19746Chant Of The IslandsRon Moyer490.00
197319Red Garter ReviewRon Moyer74.00
197214Pipers’ HolidayRon Moyer83.35
197115Mummers’ PuppetsRon Moyer85.90
197011Sunrise, SunsetMickey Mallon181.50
19693As Time Goes ByMickey Mallon292.65
196812How The West Was WonMickey Mallon79.78
19676Manhattan Merry-Go-RoundMickey Mallon89.42
19665The Vanishing AmericanMickey Mallon93.30
19654Walt Disney’s Fantasy LandMickey Mallon93.00
19642From Paris To YouMickey Mallon295.25
19639Mexican FiestaHoward Peoples81.50
196210A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs CourtHoward Peoples87.95
19617Gentlemen, Be Seated!Howard Peoples90.78
196018The Gay NinetiesHoward Peoples88.75
19597The King And IHoward Peoples87.40
19587Back In The Saddle AgainHoward Peoples75.50
195721The Arabian GuardHoward Peoples67.00
19567Snow White & The Seven DwarfsHoward Peoples86.80
19552The HighlandersHoward Peoples95.00
195410An Old-Fashioned GardenHoward Peoples
19537The Gypsy TrailHoward Peoples77.00
195211Old Soldiers Never DieHoward Peoples78.00
19518The Road To MandalayHoward Peoples3
19506ShowboatHoward Peoples
19499Out Of This WorldHoward Peoples
1948816th Century FrenchmenHoward Peoples